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Access Control & Gates

Security Hub UK offer a wide range of access control solutions to provide legitimate access and circulation within a building whilst controlling the risk of unauthorised entry. Our access control systems accommodate a wide range of technologies, including swipecard, proximity, and biometric readers for high security applications.

With our extensive product range to control gates, barriers, turnstiles and doors you'll have the peace of mind that those who should have access to your building do, and those that shouldn't don't. Monitor and control who accesses specific parts of your premises automatically with one of our bespoke access control systems.

Keep control of confidentiality and site health and safety electronically.

  • Securely control circulation and access in and around your premises
  • Software based operating systems for easy management of authority data and activity
  • Establish a discipline amongst staff ensuring critical sectors are kept continuously secure
  • Eliminate the security risks otherwise associated with free access to sensitive areas
  • Integrate with other fire and security systems for centralised building management
  • Reduce timesheet procedures
  • Compile and extract a whole repertoire of HR reports defining attendance, activity & productivity
  • Systems portfolio to suit almost every conceivable car park and building management application

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